My Night at the Box Office

I feel as if I’ve had the complete Sundance experience already, and it has only been 3 days: I’ve caught 4 world premieres, I met some cool people in the waitlist lines, and I slept over at the box office.

Yes, I slept over at the box office.

It all started Friday, when the waitlist lines didn’t really work out for Emma and I. Emma and I wanted to have for sure tickets the next day, so we planned to go to the box office early that morning. After hearing that my friend (and SMC Sundance Alum) Emily was going to sleep over at the box office with her roommates, Emma and I decided to make the plunge, and made the executive decision to stay over at the box office to get tickets for the next day.

The start of our night! 6th in line!

At 11:30pm, we headed over to the Box Office on the shuttles. We made it to the box office, and there were already 5 people there! So with spots 6 and 7, we started our overnight stay. Luckily, we made some friends: we met some movie producers, and the guy right behind us had been coming to Sundance for 20 years! He had a cool story as well, he camps out overnight everyday to grab tickets: it saves on hotel money, and you get the day’s first picks.

2:30 comes along, and Emily joins us! She brought along an inflatable bed for her to sleep on. We figured out how to consolidate tickets so not as many people had to stay over, so Emma made her way back home to the condos to catch some sleep. Emily and I caught up and then we hit the hay.

The infamous inflatable bed.

After a cold night, at 5am, I met some of Emily’s friends, Pat and Sierra, who were also in the Sundance class, and they switched out for Emily. Pat and I started planning for tickets, and before we knew it, it was finally 8! We grabbed the tickets we needed, traded a little bit, and then went back to our condos for a needed nap.

Staying over at the box office was a fun experience, but being there for 8 hours is a lot. Tomorrow, I’m planning on going over there early in the morning to grab some Monday tickets, so we’ll see how that goes!

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