Good Times at the Yarrow Theatre

After enduring the chaos of the first weekend at Sundance in Park City, my favorite way to catch movies is right across the street from our condo’s at the Yarrow theatre.

We were able to catch the premiere of It Felt Like Love on Saturday.  The cinematography and dreamy atmosphere was amazing.  The formalistic style left an impression on me.

Luis and I celebrated the big 49er victory on Sunday completely forgetting that we were still in Utah.  After Virginia and I just barely made it inside to screen the documentary Salma.  It was an amazing story of a muslim girl who was locked away by her family after she turned 13 and forced into an arranged marriage before finishing her education.  Salma had a natural aptitude for poetry and was able to sneak her work out without her family’s knowledge.  She goes onto challenge the traditions and male oppression of the world around her.  Her question and answer session was very inspirational and drew thunderous applause.

On Monday morning Luis, Emma, Mariah, and I all saw The Crash Reel an amazing documentary about the life of Kevin Pearce and how he overcame an intense brain trauma after a horrifying snowboarding while he was preparing for the olympics.  His family, friends, and internal strength was more than inspirational.

Looking forward to more films and good times ahead!

– Seth

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