Movie Madness

Well, five days into the Sundance Film Festival, it’s safe to say, I have already learned a lot! I am so happy to be here and love everything about the festival, from the beautiful mountain ranges that greeted us when we first flew into Salt Lake City, to the range of films I have seen thus far–seven total after tonight’s midnight showing of Magic Magic. In all I have seen Emmanuel and the Truth About Fishes, The Spectacular Now, Wrong Cops, Mother of George, When I Walk, and my personal favorite, Crystal Fairy. Let’s hope the last one gets distributed, being the perfect combination of laughs and adventure, all the while, delivering a serious message of letting go and living life in an authentic way that each of us can only do in our own unique way.

I have seen Dermot Mulroney, Michael Cera, Gaby Hoffman, Jessica Biel, Alfred Molina, and Jennifer Coolidge while walking down old town Main Street, and have waited in mile-long lines to wait list for movies, sometimes receiving tickets…and sometimes not. Wait listing the first weekend is something I may never do again when I return in the future, causing lots of laughs among my condo of ladies (Madeleine, Melissa, Leila, and Bria) especially when the Eccles Theater is in wait list conversation!

L’oreal makeup is also one of the sponsors at the festival and I personally had a great time today getting all spruced up at their beauty bar with a few of my condo roommates. They did complimentary makeup and hair makeovers for us and had nail polish out for everyone to play with while in line. There’s also free hot chocolate at the HP tent, photo booths in the Acura building, and you just never know when you’ll get a free something or other from various other sponsors while walking Main Street. With endless music venues, stars, and of course movies…Sundance has enough to keep anyone happy for a full ten days–just what I intend! Can’t wait for the next five days of movie madness!!!!

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