A Different Perspective

When I first got in line on the first day here, I could just tell that I was in for something amazing. Even though my first two attempts at wait-listing were complete failures (3 hours in line), the third one was a success. We saw “It Felt Like Love” and it was different to say the least. Just about all the movies I’ve seen so far are really out there and different, with the exception of one or two. The best films I’ve seen so far are “Hell Baby,” “Metro Manilla,” “Newlyweeds,” and “Blue Caprice.” They were exceptional in my opinion, and hilarious. Meeting the cast and crew of “Hell Baby” was amazing. They were all so funny and down to earth. All the directors are very proud of their work, and humble. The weather so far has been better than what I had expected. Plus it’s snowing today and we never see that back home. Living with new people and making new friends is great too.

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