Lines, lines, lines…no I am not an actress

I have definitely put my time in in the Sundance waitlist lines. Starting Friday morning I experienced my first one for Austenland at the Eccles. Perhaps it was not a very good idea to waitlist the most popular movies in the first couple of days, but what else was I going to do?! I got number 77 which should be lucky… but after being delivered the upsetting news that I wouldn’t be seeing Austenland that morning, I decided to just move onto the next one. Saturday started out with waking up at 4 (since the box office opened at 8 this was already an exhausting morning) to get in the box office line ad luckily I got a ticket for Fruitvale on Sunday (which was an amazing film!) but nothing for Saturday…so back to the waitlist lines I went. I spent most of my day Saturday in lines for other popular movies like The Way, Way Back and The Spectacular Now. After waiting for 4 hours for The Way, Way Back, a few of us decided to outdo ourselves and arrive around 5 hours early for the Spectacular Now at the library. This was definitely the most painful waitlist experience, which began with an hour and a half wait of standing on the snow, in the dark, outside the Library while we were being given mixed signals about some other ‘unofficial’ waitlist line that could possibly be inside. After a couple more hours of waiting I was once again told that I would not be seeing the movie after all.

But Sundance has not been only waiting for hours and hours either in the dark, in the snow, or even both! My luck finally turned around Sunday afternoon when I finally got to see The Spectacular Now. I think all of my waiting has paid off!

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