Movie Madness!

Today marks the halfway point of the Sundance Film Festival! So far I have seen seven movies, Crystal Fairy and Lovelace being my personal favorites. Crystal Fairy was a film I had been looking forward to from the beginning of class and I was extremely happy to score the last ticket at the box office the night before the premiere of the film, only to enjoy the film even more than expected! In the film, Michael Cera plays a Woody Allen type, on a road trip in Chile with his friend and his friend’s two brother’s, bringing along a hippy free spirit who teaches them all a lesson in life, all the while learning something about being her own true self. Director Sebastian Silva is lucky enough to have two films in the festival this year, the other being a psychological thriller, Magic Magic, also starring Michael Cera. 

Lovelace was a spellbinding film, taking the audience on a ride through the difficult journey of Linda Marchiano, better known by her pornstar stage name, Linda Lovelace. The story went into the abuse she experienced in her marriage, that ultimately led to her porn career, while also shedding light on her escape from her first marriage to Traynor and even a glimpse into regular life that she finally got to live after telling her side of the story in an autobiographical story of her career. All in all, I was in tears by the end, and Amanda Seyfried and Peter Sarsgaard played their roles extraordinarily well. It was hard to believe at first mention that Seyfried would be playing a porn star, but she made us believe she was Lovelace, all the while making us fall in love with the sweet girl behind the stage name. Definitely a movie to see!

Tonight I am going to see my eighth film, Newlyweeds, with a few more in the works for the last few days of the festival! It has been so much fun to be here amidst all of the excitement; seeing actors, directors, and celebrities, seeing premieres and new documentaries, and yes, even being a little pink-nosed and chilly in the snow. However, it hasn’t been quite that glamourous the entire time here, as most of the first weekend was spent in long lines, wait listing for tickets to shows. (Virginia wasn’t kidding about how crazy it gets the first weekend of the festival with so many household names that fly in special just for the event!) Making friends while waiting in line is inevitable and always interesting, as well as the early (4:00 am/5:00 am) mornings spent trekking to the box office and the late nights at lively midnight showings. Everyone is happy to be here and the energy is apparent to all, as we walk down Main Street seeing Dermot Mulroney walk by, as we go to a screening of Magic Magic, seeing Michael Cera, Juno Temple, and director Sebastian Silva, and rubbing shoulders with a producer of films like Little Miss Sunshine…anyway you cut it, it’s hard not to be excited to walk down the Park City streets each day of the festival!

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