Music and Sundance

During the last few days, I got to experience the relationship between music and film. On Thursday at midnight, Erik, Chris, Patrick, and I watched Sound City at the Library Theatre, which was directed by Dave Grohl. Sound City was a recording studio in Van Nuys specializing in session recording, and once the studio closed, Grohl bought the mixing table We also got to see some high profile musicians perform, like Stevie Nicks and Paul McCartney. Definitely a cool movie to watch at midnight – its rock n’ roll soundtrack and cool interviews kept me awake and energized at midnight.

Friday night, Virginia and I watched Twenty Feet Fron Stardom at the MARC (my favorite theater). Twenty Feet was on my “must view” list at Sundance, so once the tickets were available at the box office, I snatched them up. Seeing all of these backup singers on their road to turn into stars gave me hope that there would be more new musicians in our near future. If you’re trying to listen to new music, check out Judith Hill, she’s amazing!

Tomorrow, Patrick and I are watching Muscle Shoals. I’m excited for this because not only is it music-related, but also it’s the first and only showing of it at the festival!

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