Solo Luck at the MARC


With our first full day in Park City a bust, I headed out solo on Saturday and found myself at the MARC wait listing for Anita. Being born in 1992, the Anita Hill Senate hearings were a year before my time. The documentary however does a great job of showing the woman behind the accusations and how her speaking out brought purpose to her life and change to sexual harassment in America. My ticket for Anita was fueled by the fire that began after striking out in Kill Your Darlings and Spectacular Now wait list lines, and once a lady with a single ticket walked by hoping to sell it I snatched it up.


After Anita I took my chances staying at the MARC for the premiere of The Crash Reel. Despite being number 108 in line I decided it was worth it to stick around, and the MARC would soon become my favorite theater. My Crash Reel ticket has a FILM sticker on it because it was given to me by Kevin Pearce’s brother Adam Pearce while I waited in the wait list line. Spotting him along with a camera man and a ticket clearly in hand, I couldn’t let this opportunity slide. Prior to the movie of course I knew nothing of the Pearce family, and on the shuttle home two ladies I stood next to in line pointed out that my ticket angel had been Adam Pearce himself. Making my day at the MARC a success and the ultimate redemption to Failure Friday.

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