Sundance 2013: The Year of Fruitvale Domination

Leila and I decided to try to waitlist for the U.S. Dramatic Competition Grand Jury Prize at the Eccles. We thought that it was going to be another awards ceremony, so we were pretty excited. We got in line right when the official awards night started, so I followed along on Twitter while we were waiting. We were trying to predict what movies were going to win Grand Jury, and Fruitvale was the first thing that popped into not only my mind, but also in the minds of everyone waiting around us. We got our waitlist numbers, and headed back to Virginia’s condo for dinner! On our way to the condo we found out that Fruitvale won the U.S. Dramatic Audience Award!

When we got to the condo, we made the announcement, and I kept on following along. Halfway through the dinner, I announced that Fruitvale won the Grand Jury Prize as well, and we went crazy! Leila and I made our way back to the Eccles. Instead of a ceremony, I found out that it was an encore showing of the Grand Jury Prize winner, so I got to enjoy Fruitvale for a second time, and Leila (by chance!) got to watch it for her first time!

Congrats to director/screenwriter Ryan Coogler, the cast, crew, and especially our professor Virginia McCarthy, who worked as a script supervisor on the film! Job well done!

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