Sundance Reflection

My name is Chris Ruez and I am new to the Sundance Film Festival. I had no idea what to expect when signing up for this class but, was eager and ready to learn about films and see some interesting films that I may never get the chance to see otherwise. Once I arrived in Park City Utah immediately fell in love with the town, a fun cool town that is over looked by a ski resort that also had a list of movies that I would be able to see in all different types of theaters I thought i just walked into my dream town.

For the first couple of days that I was at Sundance I did not really have any movies so I was able to relax and get a feel for the town and where everything was which was good because with out doing that i probably would have got lost more. My first film that I saw was on Saturday the 19th and it was Crash Reel, a deep documentary about a professional snowboarder Kevin Pearce who suffered a TBI and his story of recovery and how he made it to where he is today as a person. At the End of the week this would still be my favorite fill that I was able to see.

Throughout the week I was able to see all types of movies from documentaries to narrative films from more mainstream films to more independent films. I can honestly say that I never saw a movie that I actually hated. There where some that I enjoyed more than others but none of them where bad. My top three films at the end of the festival that I was able to see would be:

1. Crash Reel
2. Toy’s House
3. Spectacular Now

These movies where the ones that really spoke to me when I was watching them. Not knowing what to expect when coming to Sundance I can honestly say that I had a great time meeting new people, seeing movies, snowboarding and so much more. This trip gave me a lot and I am happy that I decided to take this class. Ten days later and 15 movies latter I am ready to go home but I will never forget the experiences that I had at my First Sundance Ever.

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