5 Things I’ve learned from my first Sundance

Now that I’m back from the trip and all caught up on sleep, I’ve found myself reflecting on my first Sundance experience. Following, are five things that I have learned from my memorable first time “Sundancing.”

1. Don’t stress about tickets 
Whether you want to pre-register for tickets, plan to waitlist, or even go “Jazo style” and camp out at the box office, you will get tickets. I found that my favorite method was waitlisting. Although at times a bit of a time suck, I found it pretty fun. There was always lots going on around you including lively people which after the five hours spent in line chatting, felt almost as close as friends. Plus, I don’t know if I just happened to be lucky but I got into all the movies I waitlisted for except one! Not to bad, eh?

2. Plan to not sleep
Between the waitlists, early morning box office trips and constant commotion there isn’t much time to sleep. But hey, I’m not complaining. I had 10 days of fun and being active in the sundance commotion Is almost as much a part of the experience as the movies.

3. Make the program book your best friend
I can’t tell you how many times people on the buses or in lines would share their thoughts on movies they had seen. In addition, there would even be times when people around us would be selling unwanted tickets. Being able to recall which movie is which on the spot makes things much more convenient and if you’re lucky you may even be able to snag some tickets to a movie you’ve been dying to see.

4. Get ready to be challenged
The films shared at the festival are truly something special. There were films that highly supported my opinions on different topics, and at times also films that challenged my maybe narrow minded views. It took hearing a different perspective, displayed in a different way for me to realize that I should be open to expanding my views and broadening my horizons.

5. Sundancing is addictive!
No doubt about it, I will be back! Between the films, people and the appeal of Park city and the festival, there is no doubt that the Sundance experience is truly magical. That being said, ill see you in a year Park City

Image^ Movie Posters from this years festival

Image^ Main Street- Park City, Utah


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One Response to 5 Things I’ve learned from my first Sundance

  1. JM says:

    Yea watching films back to back to back to back to back is sooooooooooo fun and soooooooooooooo addictive. Signed, an avid film watcher.

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