It Felt Like A Dream…

I feel like I was at Sundance years ago or something. Safe to say that I miss it. A lot. It’s almost so surreal to be back because after being in that movie world, I’m suddenly reminded by how boring reality can get. I suppose that was what we learned in all the movies, didn’t we. The common thread seemed to be that we each live in our own reality that never seems to fit with the rest of the world, and that’s why it’s so spectacular. What I’m basically saying is that I want my reality to be the Sundance life all the time. I’m kididng. But honestly, I had such a great time. It fueled my passion for film that much more, and seeing the expressions on the director’s faces as soon as the credits rolled and their movie received an applause was priceless. The actors seemed so proud to be working on such a moving film when they came out to do their Q&A’s. I hope to experience that feeling one day. It seemed so satisfying, as if they were on cloud 9. I felt like I was on cloud 9 being immersed in the world of the particular movie that was being played and getting chills as soon as the music started blasting after the final scene was shown. I miss complaining about the cold with the suitemates haha because we just didn’t care how dramatic we were being. I will literally never forget the day Gabby and I stood in the waitlist line for Don Jon’s Addiction that first saturday and we woke up at 5 am. Our mistake was going to the box office instead of straight to the theater. My foot literally went numb and I was so uncomfortable it was actually hilarious. Also, my phone kept dying!!! I swear there wasn’t one day it didn’t go without dying and that’s because all I could do while in line was scroll through it. oops. Well, we never got in that morning and so Eccles became some scary place where I would have to like pray or something in hopes of seeing the premieres I wanted. Every other time I received good luck however!! Phew. I also remember legitimately falling asleep at the Marc theater while waitlisting. That was actually comfortable because the line was indoors. Me, Gabby, Maddy, and Melissa waitlisted for Spectacular Now at the RedStone and it was the happiest moment ever when they said that they would take “7 more people”. Thank god because it turned out to be one of the movies that made a big impression on me. There are endless memories that I will never forget. Now it’s back to normal life here at SMC. Hope to see ya soon, Sundance!!

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