Crystal Fairy–secondary review by Madeleine Tevelde

Madeleine Tevelde

Crystal Fairy

Director: Sebastián Silva

Screenwriter: Sebastián Silva

            In the movie Crystal Fairy, Jamie, the main character, invites a free-spirited hippie friend to accompany him and his friends on a road trip to find and use a trippy cactus as a hallucinogenic. However, after inviting her because he felt bad, Jamie’s personality clashes with that of the Crystal Fairy’s (the hippie friend). It is a hilarious story about friends getting along and their hilarious reactions and accounts of what happens along the way.

            On the spectrum of mainstream vs. independent, with a 1 being ultra mainstream and a 10 being ultra independent, I would give this movie an 8. It is very independent because of the unexpected humor. The interactions between Jamie and the Crystal Fairy are hilarious! Another reason why this film is so independent is because of Crystal Fairy’s free spirit. Her nudity just would not fly in mainstream films, not only because of the content, but also because of her completely hippie ways. This film is also very independent because of what was happening in the movie. Mainstream films would have too much to lose if they made a film about some friends on their road trip with a hippie friend.

            However, there are just a few things that make it independent. While I noted earlier that the unexpected humor makes this film independent, the humor is also somewhat mainstream because the jokes are not predictable. People usually find jokes and puns funnier when they are fresh and unpredictable.

            What does Crystal Fairy have to offer in terms of cultural myths? There is definitely a myth clash, especially concerning the Crystal Fairy. For most of the movie, she makes herself out to be a free spirited, hippie type of person, but no one really knows what is behind her acting that way. She is exuding this myth about herself that everyone believes and thinks she is one way when she is really another. About half way through the movie, she is preaching to Jamie and the brothers that sugar is poison. We then see her stuffing her face with soda and eating Cocoa Puffs. Right here, there is a myth clash. Then, at the end of the film, she opens up and reveals her darker side and we learn that she is actually a normal person and not a hippie. This is a major clash of myths just within one character. Crystal Fairy leads us to believe the myth about her free-spiritedness and then reveals that she may not be so “far-out” as we thought. 

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