Crystal Fairy

Crystal Fairy: Secondary Review


(1) Crystal Fairy       (2) Director: Sebastian Silva          (3) Screenwriter: Sebastian Silva


            Jamie is a twenty something American kid who goes traveling through Chile with his local friends. Jamie’s goal of his trip throughout Chile is to go and find a legendary shamanistic hallucinogen called the San Pedro cactus. Before embarking on this journey, Jamie meets an out of the ordinary woman named Crystal Fairy. Once Crystal Fairy joins the journey with Jamie and his Chilean friends, Jamie and Crystal Fairy begin to butt heads. After the cactus is contained, the real adventure begins on a deserted beach. Jamie finds himself becoming closer to Crystal Fairy and through the presence of drugs; the friends all reveal their secrets and fears. This magical cactus has bonded this group in a special and fantastical way. 

            On a scale of one to ten, one being ultra mainstream and ten being ultra independent, Crystal Fairy would be given a five. Although the director isn’t well known in the mainstream world, he is known for his independent works. Since Michael Cera is in the film, this allows the cast to be somewhat well known, but Michal Cera isn’t exactly an A-List actor. The director also mentioned that this film was created on a low budget, which contributes to the independent aspect of the film. One of the reasons why this film is seen on the middle of the scale comes from the fact that I could easily see this film in mainstream theatres. Because of the plot and comedy within the film, many young adults said this movie was a favorite of theirs at the Sundance Film Festival 2013.

            In terms of mythic qualities, the character Crystal Fairy really catches my eye. As an audience member one could see just how different and special this woman was and you wanted to know her myth. What made her the way she is? Crystal Fairy is one of the most positive people within the film. As a viewer, you know this comes from her personal myth and past. At the end of them film, the audience finds out that Crystal Fairy has a deep dark secret describing her rape. Once revealing this aspect of her myth, the men in the film realize that Crystal Fairy isn’t just rainbows and sunshine, but she has another side to her. Even though she is a happy go lucky girl, her mythical past has affected her. After sharing this secret with the boys in the film, Crystal Fairy realizes that her new friends now share a very special part of her myth because they know her secret. Silva not only created a comical film, but a moving story about friendship, life, and living in the present.


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