See you later, Sundance

The Sundance Film Festival is definitely an experience I will never forget. I made so many lifelong memories and had so much fun. From the first day we arrived, I was not sure how everything was going to turn out with how many movies I needed to see, but once the tenth day finally came about, I realized I should never have worried! 

Before attending the festival, I felt like I was well prepared to see any sort of movie. After watching and reviewing 12 films before class started, I was exposed to many different genres and types of films. I definitely think that this was necessary in order to be ready for Sundance. Since I knew that all of the 12 films came from previous Sundance festivals, it gave me an idea of what I should expect out of my ten day excursion into the crazy world of films. If anyone wants to attend Sundance, I would be sure to tell them to see a few Sundance movies to become acquainted with the independent world of movies.

Actually being at Sundance was such an amazing experience. Although I did endure some things that I would rather not ever go through again, each and every one of them are what made my experience unique. It is important to be prepared to wait for anything…and maybe even everything. Words cannot even describe the amount of emotions I was feeling as I waited in the line to see Spectacular Now. After being told three times to have the money ready to pay and waiting so close to the theater you could see the seats, I knew I was going to be completely devastated if I did not get in. When the volunteers announced they would take us, I literally jumped for joy. I do not think I have ever been so happy to see a movie! Needless to say, be prepared for a multitude of emotions.

The emotions, of course, do not only come from waiting to see movies or actually getting in from the waitlist line to see them. I saw so many different movies here. Some of them left me with sore abs afterwards from how hard I was laughing the entire time. Others left me with puffy eyes from crying. And some even left me with both. I will have to say that mainstream films definitely do not leave me feeling the way any of the 16 movies I saw at Sundance did. 

I think that Sundance is an extremely valuable part of the film industry. Without it, there would be no way to see such a wide variety of beautifully made independent films. WIth some independent films having budgets as low as $1500, Sundance is a necessity for them. Independent films are also an excellent way to express different opinions that mainstream films simply cannot. Sundance is also where many of these small budget films make their big break. Most of the movies had already been picked up by major production companies before I even saw them! 

Sundance definitely appeals to many different types of people as well. Many of the people in attendance are students, those from the film industry, people who simply just enjoy watching movies and are not trying to see a multitude of films, people who are only there to see celebrities, and even those who are there to enjoy the beautiful winter landscape and maybe ski a little. For whatever reason you choose to go to Sundance for, it truly has something to offer to everyone. I cannot wait to visit Park City again for Sundance! I definitely had the time of my life!

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