Sundance Reflection

Chris Ruez

The Sundance Film Festival is an event that allows artists and movie goers to come together and share their love for film. The festival does not just have a bunch of movies playing and people simply going to watch them, but there is so much more going on during the festival. For example, all of the films that are showcased at the festival are there for a reason,  meaning each one was hand picked by a group of people working in the Sundance Institute, and they are picked over others because of something that really caught their eye. whether it be the way it was filmed, the means in which it was filmed or even the topic that the film is trying to portray, all Sundance films have meaning behind them. The festival also gives viewers the chance to see new actors, directors, and screenwriters, and not just see the usual mainstream ones that you would see in your everyday theatre. The films that you might see at the festival are usually not your normal films, which also adds to the atmosphere of the Sundance Film Festival. Sundance also provides a place where all types of people  are drawn together to enjoy the art of film, whether they are students, actors, directors, or producers. People that enjoy movies and even people that are just in the area are encouraged to attend because Sundance is a chance to get together and share their love for films and the film community. Sundance also has a special feature that you wont get going to see a normal movie and that is the aspect of the Question and Answer period after each film is shown. This is another point in the festival where viewers and film makers can communicate and interact. It gives the viewers a chance to find out more about the movie, the film makers, or the actors experiences during the film. This makes the film watching process a little bit more personal. The question and answer period also give the people that worked on the film a chance to talk about how they felt about the film and how it turned out. This gives the viewers another look into what the film makers are thinking bringing them closer to the film itself and the people that worked on it. Another interesting aspect of the Sundance Film Festival is the fact it provides the grounds for up and coming actors and actresses to make their debut, as well as network with other people in the film industry. The film festival also allows regular movie goers to experience films that would not be generally shown because Sundance films are usually off the beaten path, as well as more abstract. This can be a very unique experience for viewers because it introduces them into a world they might not ever have seen. I personally believe being able to attend the Sundance Film Festival, as well as experience the atmosphere of the film industry has made me realize that mainstream films only provide a small slice of the film industry as a whole, whereas the Sundance films provide a much larger scope in the long run. In closing, the Sundance Film Festival is a great way for movie goers to truly become part of the film world, as well as people in the film industry to showcase their talents that are not wholly encompassed through mainstream cinema. I would suggest the Sundance Film Festival for those interested in seeing the film industry as a whole because it provides a complete experience for the viewer, as well as the clarification process after the fact in the Question and Answer session.


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