The Spectacular Now

by Chris Ruez

  1. The Spectacular Now
  2. Director – James Ponsoldt
  3. Screenwriters – Scott Neustadter & Michael H. Weber

This is a narrative film about the trails of a troubled young man who is stuck in his high school life and does not want to leave and about a young girl that falls head over heals for this guy and would practically do anything for him because she is so in love with who he is. Sutter is a high school senior who wants nothing more but to be drunk 24/7 and live life for the now and not think about anything else. Sutter then meets a girl Aimee who has the potential to change all of that, Aimee on the other hand wants to get out of the life she is in and wants to move on the bigger an better things.

In the scale ratting form 1-10 1 being the extremely mainstream to 10 being extremely independent I would have to give this film a one or two. This film seems to be very mainstream because of the way it was filmed the plot and theme of the movie and the actors that are involved in the film as well. The theme of this movie is one that is a big theme in a lot of mainstream films right now. Two teens come together and fall in love even though most people would not see that happening. One of the two is a raging alcoholic at the young age of 18 and likes to party. Also the way that this film was put together was very good and more on a mainstream note than on an independent note. The actors that where selected to be in this film are not a list actors but are up in coming young actors that have been in films recently that have the same kind of following as this film would have. This film was extremely mainstream.

In this film there is one mythology that stands out more than any others. That would be the myth that some kids believe in that they can live out the glory day for the rest of their lives and just party and work and never have to do anything to real or to serious but just live in the now. Sutter loves his life and just wants to keep living it the way that it is now and not have to worry about tomorrow or anyone else’s tomorrow. This is something that a lot of kids feel weather it be in high school or even after college and its with that myth where people get lost in that myth and believe that it is all going to be fine because everything is fine in the moment.


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