Virtually Heroes

by Chris Ruez

  1. Virtually Heroes
  2. Director – G. J. Echternkamp
  3. Screenwriter – Matt Yamashitta

This is a comedy film about the life a video game character. It was a love story that almost seemed impossible to complete because he would keep dyeing. The main character struggled with the fact that he was not worth anything because he could never actually die and he would never be able to actually kiss the girl. The movie goes through the entire game following the main character and his partner Nova in their journey to try and beat this video game and finally be able to get the girl at the end of the game. The film goes through their journey and the journey of the bad guys in the game as well.

For this film on the rating scale from 1-10 one being the extremely mainstream to 10 being extremely independent I would have to give this film either a eight or nine. I would rate this film more on the side of independent for a couple of different reasons. One reason would be the way that they filmed the movie. They used new footage of the video game characters running around and shooting people but then would cut to an archival shot of Japanizes people dyeing. It was an interesting way to show the battle scenes instead of using footage that they shot themselves. Another reason I put this film in independent section would be the film theme it self. The theme to this film is something that is not really in high demand in the mainstream market. There have already been movies like this one that use video games as the main topic, for example Gamer. Another reason why this film is in the more independent section of this scale would be cast; the cast was small and only had about four or five people in the film and they where able to do this because of the archival footage that they used as the enemies.

In this film I think that the mythic quality is the feeling of never being able to die like in the video game and is it a good thing or is it a bad thing. In the film the main character would say that it is a bad thing because you feel like you have no real purpose and that noting is really worth doing because you will always come back to life and then be able to do everything again but just differently. People like the fact that in video games you don’t actually die you come back to life but if you ever asked the actual character maybe their response to that subject matter would be different.


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