Skiing in Park City

Skiing in Park City

The vibrant snowboarding scene in Park City made me really want to stay and hit the slopes after the crowds left Sundance. The runs at the resort in Park City featured pretty wide open bowls that provided tons of room to carve and shred the powder. If you wanted something a little more extreme the park runs ranged from novice to advance, the mountain had multiple half pipes, tons of jumps, and rails everywhere. Park City seems like a legendary mountain, although it might not have the same challenging backcountry runs that some places in California have it still provides a ton of room to experiment and try different kinds of ski runs. After watching the movie Crash Reel and seeing the affection that some of the snowboarders have for Park City, it was an exciting experience to shred the same mountain. The ski runs in Park City run into the town and right at the doorstop of the ski shops and pizza places off main street like Davanza’s and the High West distillery. You can hang out there with some really radical boarders and grab a slice of pizza then catch a movie at the Egyptian. Park City really has a lot of fun things to do during Sundance and they love their snowboarders and skiiers there!

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