Sundance End

ImageI was grateful to be able to go to the Awards Party on the last Saturday night of the Sundance Film Festival. Erik, Patrick, and I went to see if we could bump into any filmmakers or actors, only to find the directors from The Spectacular Now and The Crash Reel, perusing the party as well. The full ten days of Sundance was an experience I would not trade, having met so many interesting and inspiring people while waiting in wait list lines, chatting on the shuttle buses, and merely by being a part of the class. Having sat through my first quadruple feature, I have to say…I don’t know if I can do that again, but it’s safe to say that the tricks of Sundance have been learned. Never again will I wait list on the first weekend, bottom line…should have just taken Virginia’s advice despite the pressure to get all fifteen of my tickets right away, but live and learn! I would love to come back to the festival with friends and family in the future, and I already found out about how to volunteer…so I guess the only question of my next Sundance is not if, but when. Let’s hope all our favorite movies from the festival will soon be in wide release! Here were a few of my favorites: 

  • Crystal Fairy
  • Lovelace
  • Fruitvale
  • The Spectacular Now
  • Wrong Cops
  • When I Walk
  • Narco Cultura
  • The Crash Reel
  • Cutie and the Boxer

Ciao for now, Sundance! Until we meet again!

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